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Learn the art and science of startups with ideation, customer development, building and pitching;
become a team member and discover the hidden powers of your team and yourself;
experience the freedom of being an entrepreneur.


We hire...

We are looking for a project manager.
Experience with startups, education, making things happen.
Contact Arie den Boon: @startupvoyage

What is it?

Get on board now. StartupVoyage is a training center for students and alumni who want to kick-off their own startup. In three months students learn in a hands-on program to discover scalable and promising business ideas, become effective team members and create a top team, prototype and build a minimal viable product and pitch their ideas for funding.

StartupVoyage differs from other programs in that it concentrates on personal development and team building, the key success factor of startups.

Who are involved?

The most important group in StartupVoyage is your own team. Other groups involved are the coaches, the guest trainers and the investors. The participants form small groups that get tasks to solve. The groups find their solutions and present these as if they are startups.

This extreme hands-on approach ensures practical capabilities and has the participants explore the strengths, weaknesses as team members of themselves and others. The members learn to choose their team members and form their startup team.

Where is it?

You and your team will often be active on- and offsite the campus, when you and other participants discover new business ideas in the process of ideation or business idea generation. The process of customer development is off-site the campus to guarantee that ideas are the ones that clients are willing to pay for.

Other parts of the training are on-site the campus, with seasoned entrepreneurs or field experts and when they build a minimal viable product or do their pitch training.